Factory Seconds

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5lb box $60 ($12 per lb)
10lb box $110 ($11 per lb)
15lb box $150 ($10 per lb)
25lb box $225 ($9 per lb)
40lb box $340 ($8.50 per lb)
100 lb box $799 ($7.99 per lb)

Get the most for your money with Factory Seconds…discounted WAY below retail pricing. Climbing holds that do not make the cut for “New” are considered Factory Seconds. Often the holds have color or texture imperfections. All climbing hold seconds are completely functional and ready to bolt or screw on the wall. Each set will have a variety of sizes, styles, and colors. If we have overstock we also sell them as seconds to clear out inventory.

Looking for a specific type of climbing hold? We can customize your order to include specific styles of holds (jugs or slopers) or to your needs (kids wall or advanced training wall v6+). Just add a note to the checkout or shoot us an email after you place the order. We will do our best to accommodate the request based on our inventory at the time of the order. Noting your wall angle, and skill level is informative.

We have four brands under the Escape family. Seconds will be primarily Escape brand holds, but don’t be surprised if you have Friction, Kingdom, Working Class, or prototypes in the box as well.

How many holds will I get?
Climbing holds come in all weights and sizes. We sell seconds by the lb and the number of holds will vary from box to box. For example a single fun XXL hold can weigh the same amount as 20 small crimps and footholds.

As a general gauge:
5lb box $60 | 6-15 holds
10lb box $110 |15-20 holds (includes L holds)
15lb box $150 | 18-25 holds (includes L and XL holds)
25lb box $225 | 20-40 holds (includes XL and XXL holds)
40lb box $340 | 30-60 holds (includes XL and XXL holds)
100 lb box $799 | 60-100 holds (includes XL and XXL holds)


For a small service charge we'll track down and include all the right bolt sizes for your order. See prices below:

5 lbs - $10.00
10 lbs - $17.50
15 lbs - $21.50
25 lbs - $30.00
40 lbs - $45.00
100 lbs - $80.00

Bolts 1.5" Socket Head Bolt 2.0" Socket Head Bolt 2.5" Socket Head Bolt 3.0" Socket Head Bolt 3.5" Socket Head Bolt 4.0" Socket Head Bolt 4.5" Socket Head Bolt 5.0" Socket Head Bolt 5.5" Socket Head Bolt 6.0" Socket Head Bolt 6.5" Socket Head Bolt 7.0" Socket Head Bolt 7.5" Socket Head Bolt 8.0" Socket Head Bolt 8.5" Socket Head Bolt 10" Socket Head Bolt 9.0" Socket Head Bolt 11" Socket Head Bolt 12" Socket Head Bolt 1.5" Flat Head Bolt 2.0" Flat Head Bolt