Escape Adjustable Climbing Wall

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  • Compatible with Moon, Tension, Kilter Hold Systems
  • Angles range from 0˚- 68˚
  • LED Lighting System Compatible
  • Uses Standard Electric Outlet
  • 8x12’ + 1’ Kicker (Above 12” Landing Surface)
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The Escape Adjustable Climbing wall is the best value wall on the market. The Escape wall uniquely features the grid pattern design and easy to identify letters and numbers for fast route identification. It comes with the Escape Industrial t-nut giving you the best t-nut on the market. 

Its smart innovative design makes the best use of the materials without over-engineering and adding unnecessary costs. It is professionally powder coated, engineered, and welded. You can not beat the simple installation, and ability to adjust angles from 0˚-68˚ at the touch of a button. We are producing this wall in partnership with Kumiki Climbing (a local climbing company down the road from our shop). 

  • Anchors to 4” concrete slab. Freestanding version also available.
  • Panels are made from durable, Baltic birch with a clear coat and can be drilled out for the t-nut pattern of any major training board with or without LED light holes.
  • Installs in roughly 1.5-2 hours with three people and can be unassembled and reinstalled in different locations if new anchors are used when moving.
  • Uses two linear actuators for movement.
  • No hydraulic fluid used.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Equipped with the Escape Industrial T-nut
  • Comes with grid pattern to easily identify holds and locations 

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* FREE shipping does not include Alaska, Hawaii, or extended delivery areas. Extra shipping will be needed for these exceptions. 

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