Beta Board


  • Difficulty: Beginner-Advanced
  • Dimensions: 6” x 26” x 2”
  • Texture: Dual Texture
  • Installation Hardware Included
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  • Description


    Some legends never die.

    Years ago The Detroit Rock Climbing Company shaped one of the most loved hangboards of all-time. Revered as much for being a work of art as it is cherished for its ability to destroy your muscles, and never your skin.

    The Beta Board’s unique dual texture surface prevents the bane of all hangboard workouts: destroyed skin. Because your skin won’t fold over itself on uncomfortable edges, you’ll have to work that contact strength harder than ever before.

    Train harder, without the pain…all on a board that looks spectacular hanging in any room.

    Grab the Beta Board today and relive a piece of history, now at an unbeatable price.