Double Ledge Volume


Hold Type: Volume
Texture: Gritty
Difficulty: Beginner-Expert
# of holds in set: 1
# of t-nuts: 6

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  • Description


    The Double Ledge Volume is best of all-worlds. A big enough volume to add more pizzazz to any wall, while remaining small enough so as not to dominate a space where route density is key.

    But that’s not all! The Double Ledge Volume features two flat ledges which in and of themselves make for a fantastic hold. So whether you slap a couple holds on the DL Volume, or just use the volume as a hold itself, the possibilities are endless with the Double Ledge Volume.

    As with all our volumes, the Double Ledge features a gritty texture similar to that of our holds. We’ve worked hard to develop a texture that’s easy on the skin, but durable enough to stand up to the constant abuse of a commercial climbing gym.

    Also, because we want your volume to lasts for years to come, each Escape volume comes equipped with our specially designed Volume Inserts which are guaranteed to protect your volume’s screw holes no matter what. (EC80701)