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    Get the most for your money with Factory Seconds…discounted WAY below retail pricing. Climbing holds that do not make the cut for “New” are considered Factory Seconds. Often the holds have color or texture imperfections. All climbing hold seconds are completely functional and ready to bolt on the wall. Each set will have a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.

    Looking for a specific type of climbing hold? We can customize your order to be stashed with jugs, crimps, slopers, or foot holds depending on your climbing wall needs and our current inventory (simply add a note to the checkout).  The number of holds will change depending on the size of the order. In general the 5lb box averages around 10 holds, the 10lb box averages around 20 holds, the 15lb box can average up to 25 holds, and the 25lb box averages around 45 holds.