Industrial Gym T-Nut


  • 100ct $33
  • 200ct $62
  • 500ct $125
  • 1000ct $229
  • Screws included
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  • Description


    Designed and sourced specifically for climbing walls, there’s nothing else on the market quite like the Escape Industrial T-Nut.

    With a barrel longer than your standard t-nuts, the Industrial T-Nut is designed for ¾” plywood or thicker. Perfect for commercial applications.

    Also, because of its unique self-guided barrel, stripped t-nuts are a thing of the past. Well, not entirely, (new setters will always find a way), but now they’ll really have to go out of their way to make it happen.

    The Industrial T-Nuts huge winged-flange installs via 2 set screws which guarantee maximum strength and stability.

    To install this bad boy, use a ½” drill to make your t-nut holes.

    • 3/8-16
    • 16 KN test rating
    • Self-guided barrel
    • Oversized base for added strength