Freestanding 360 Degree Family Wall

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  • Climbing on Front and Back (160 square feet)
  • Kid and Family Friendly Climbing Wall
  • 20 Degree Front and Slab Climb On Back
  • Highest Quality 13 ply Exterior Grade Baltic Birch
  • Assembles in an Afternoon
  • Free USA Shipping*
  • 8'x10'

Bolts 1.5" Socket Head Bolt 2.0" Socket Head Bolt 2.5" Socket Head Bolt 3.0" Socket Head Bolt 3.5" Socket Head Bolt 4.0" Socket Head Bolt 4.5" Socket Head Bolt 5.0" Socket Head Bolt 5.5" Socket Head Bolt 6.0" Socket Head Bolt 6.5" Socket Head Bolt 7.0" Socket Head Bolt 7.5" Socket Head Bolt 8.0" Socket Head Bolt 8.5" Socket Head Bolt 10" Socket Head Bolt 9.0" Socket Head Bolt 11" Socket Head Bolt 12" Socket Head Bolt 1.5" Flat Head Bolt 2.0" Flat Head Bolt 2.5" Screw

This backyard wall is designed with the family in mind. The back of the wall offers easier slab climbing with a ledge for comfort and progression. The twenty degree overhang on the front will add some difficulty but is still versatile enough for fun climbing at any ability level or fitness level.

Hold Packages:
After you purchase the Freestanding 360 Degree Wall you will receive a 30% off discount code for shopping climbing holds and equipping your new wall. Hold variety is one of the most important aspects to keeping your wall fun and exciting. If you would like us to select your holds just let us know and we can be your personal hold shoppers within any budget. 

Basic Budget $600
Standard Budget $1500
Fully Loaded Budget (what is pictured) $3000

This is a big wall but do not let that scare you. These panels are CNC cut to perfection and it is designed to assemble as easy as possible. These walls can go up in 4-6 hours with two-three strong helpers. We are happy to install local walls in the Twin Cities and will work with you or your contractor to make installation as painless as possible. The wall ships flat on a pallet ready to go with all the necessary parts. 

If you want a customized wall reach out to to see if its something we can do. 

*Alaska, Hawaii, and extended delivery areas may not qualify for free shipping 
*Holds and crash pads are not included in the sale price