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Bulk Chalk - 7 gallon Chunky Nuggets

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  • 3000 grams of bulk chalk (6.61 lbs)
  • #5 recyclable container with resealable lid
  • High Performance fine grain for maximum sweat absorption
  • Save up to 66% when ordering bulk chalk.

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Tired of watching your chalk disappear faster than your weekend? We feel you! That's why we're offering our mega-sized 3000-gram (6.61 lbs) 7-gallon chalk bucket. With this much chalk, the drama of others 'borrowing' yours becomes a chalk walk in the park. Buy in bulk, save big, and spread the chalky love with your climbing partners!

Chunky Nuggets Chalk, as the name suggests, consists of larger, coarser particles, in contrast to the smooth, fine particles found in our Feather Dust chalk offering. Particle size is a matter of personal preference. Climbers who appreciate chunky chalk often enjoy breaking the chunks into a powder and working the chalk into their fingertips through this process. The larger particles can create a more textured surface on your hands, providing a subtly different grip experience.

Chunky Nuggets adheres to your hands, delivering maximum coverage with minimal product. This results in fewer interruptions, less mess, and more focus on the climbing moves ahead.

The chosen 100% magnesium carbonate formulation not only optimizes friction but also keeps your hands dry, reducing moisture-related slipping and ensuring a more secure grip.

Chunky Nuggets is not just climbing chalk – it will become your steadfast companion in the relentless pursuit of climbing, boosting your performance and confidence with each chalked-up move.