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Escape Climbing is made up of climbers, engineers, dreamers, and doers. We’re the type of people who love to dive into things and get our hands dirty. We’re passionate about continually getting better at everything we do, and work hard at reducing waste of every kind. We’re an open and welcoming workplace, where opinions and diversity of strengths are valued, and filled with people who are always excited to share their love of climbing. We work together to serve our customers and push the sport of climbing forward. 

Manufacturing Collage

How to Apply

If any of the positions below seem like something you could really sink your teeth into, please send us an email to with the job title in the subject line. In the email, attach your resumé and let us know a little more about yourself and why you’d be a good fit for the position! It generally takes us about 1-2 weeks to review all applications, and if you appear to be a good fit, we’ll reach out for a phone or in-person interview. Also, if there aren’t currently any positions that fit your skillset, feel free to reach out anyway. We are always happy to get to know people who might just be a good fit for Escape Climbing.
Please note that we currently do not have any remote work positions available. For all positions, location in (or relocation to) the Twin Cities area is a requirement.

Current Positions  

Relocating to Minnesota:

Our employees love the flourishing climbing community along with the urban and outdoor activities the Minneapolis, MN area is known for. If you’re thinking, “but isn’t the midwest kinda, ya know, COLD?” Well yes, it's basically a frozen tundra by winter, but that's never slowed any of us down or stopped us from enjoying everything Minnesota has to offer. And the summers are amazing. 

With all the good food, great music, sooooo many breweries, hundreds of miles of wildland, the boundary waters, the driftless, world-class arts community, a stellar bike infrastructure… not to mention the concept of “hot dishes”, a state fair that just won’t quit, and one of the best climbing, cycling, and just general outdoor communities in the country, Minnesota is one of the best damn places to be. If ya know, ya know.

The Twin Cities also has one of the biggest indoor climbing hubs in the country. We have 4 major Vertical Endeavors Gyms, the Minneapolis Bouldering Project, Two University Climbing Gyms, The A, and the MN Bouldering COOP all within the city limits to get your climbing fix. And when it comes to the climbing industry (climbing walls and hold manufacturing), Escape, Nicros, Everlast, and Kumiki have all made it headquarters. Together, this has all worked to foster an actively growing, healthy climbing community that has a place for everyone. When it comes to outdoor climbing, while we are not a major climbing destination, we certainly are not lacking rock. From bouldering at Sandstone to Sawmill, sport climbing Willow River to Redwing, and trad climbing Taylors Falls to the North Shore we have the different disciplines covered and enough rock to go around. Don’t even get us started on ice.