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How to Apply:
If you are interested in any of the positions below please apply/inquire by sending us an email. Put the job title in the subject line, tell us a bit about yourself and why you are interested in the job, then attach your resume and send it off to No positions posted are remote and will require relocation to the Twin Cities, Minnesota. We will generally review all applications within 1-2 weeks. If you seem like a good candidate we will reach out for a phone or an in-person interview.


Plastic-Production Specialist | Pay: 17-20 per hour (full time only)

Plastic production is where the magic of plastic holds literally catalyzes. You are either operating our high end dispensing machine to fill climbing molds, or hand pouring specialty sets. This is where you take liquid plastic and turn it into something our customers can climb on. This is a fast pace room where you must balance organization, quality, and speed. So if you are ready to throw on a respirator and put on your coveralls then reach out about this position. 

making climbing holds


Post-Production Specialist | Pay: $17 per hour (full time only)

Post production is 100% essential to making a quality climbing hold. If you are comfortable rolling up your sleeves and running powerful belt sanders this position might have your name all over it. A high attention to detail is critical to catching defects and preventing them in this stage of the manufacturing process. Working alongside other motivated people to produce quality climbing holds is what we are about.


climbing holds manufacturing


Molding Specialist | Pay: $17 per hour (full time only)

The Molding Specialist is the backbone of our climbing hold production line. High Quality Molds = High Quality Holds! Mold Making is half art/half science, requiring high attention to detail as you work with silicone to create the molds and design the plugs to hollow out the back of the holds. If you love working with your hand and take pride in what you create, then the Molding Specialist position might be right for you.

climbing hold manufacturing