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How to Apply:
If you are interested in any of the positions below please apply/inquire by sending us an email. Put the job title in the subject line, tell us a bit about yourself and why you are interested in the job, then attach your resume and send it off to No positions posted are remote and require relocating to the Twin Cities, MN. We will generally review all applications within 1-2 weeks. If you seem like a good candidate we will reach out for a phone or in-person interview.


Plastic-Production Specialist | Pay: 17-20 per hour (full time only)

Plastic production is where the magic of plastic holds literally catalyzes. You are either operating our high end dispensing machine to fill climbing molds, or hand pouring specialty sets. This is where you take liquid plastic and turn it into something our customers can climb on. This is a fast pace room where you must balance organization, quality, and speed. So if you are ready to throw on a respirator and put on your coveralls then reach out about this position. 

making climbing holds


Post-Production Specialist | Pay: $17 per hour (full time only)

Post production is dusty, loud, and 100% essential to making a quality climbing hold. If you are comfortable rolling up your sleeves and running powerful belt sanders this position might have your name all over it. A high attention to detail is critical to catching defects and preventing them in this stage of the manufacturing process. Working alongside other motivated people to produce quality climbing holds is what we are about.

climbing holds manufacturing


Operations Manager | Pay: 80-100K salary (full time)

The Operations Manager is the person making sure the company runs smoothly in its day-to-day operations. This person must have experience in building a team in the context of a LEAN manufacturing or shipping facility. This position sets out goal and objectives for each department and then helps facilitate progress in meeting these goals. This position is responsible to developing the team-members in each department and make sure everyone is growing and developing professionally. This position not only identifies system improvements but needs the necessary skills to solve these problems. Striving for excellence in operations is essential in preventing any distractions from our job of serving the customer.  Necessary skillsets: Lean manufacturing experience, team and culture building experience, high proficiency in excel, work cell creation, and coaching. 


Branding and Customer Service Manager | Pay: 50-60K salary

In other companies this position might be called a "Sales and Marketing Manager"; however, at Escape we think a bit differently about building our business. We sell by striving to serve our customers, and we think long term about building our brand vs. building out a quick marketing campaign. 

The branding and customer service manager is responsible for all outgoing communication from managing the websites to social media. This position is also responsible for identifying and serving our customer needs from the home gym user to the international distributors. This is accomplished by following up with customers and checking on the experience. 


Graphic Designer/Videographer | Pay: 40-60K salary based on experience (full time)

The Escape Family has a constant stream of new products, education video, and content that needs to be captured, edited, and shared with the world. We are a small company where we all wear multiple hats. The design position is no exception to this. We need a creative that is well rounded and self motivated. 

Necessary Skills:
- Proficient in Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator
- Proficient in video shooting and editing
- Proficient in product shots


Bookkeeper | Pay: 40K salary (part or full time)

With five brands and multiple sales channels we need some extra bandwidth keeping our numbers up to date  and organized. This position is responsible for entering and reconciling all sales and expense accounts, preparing tax documents, and generating reports for the Operations Manager and President. 

climbing hold manufacturing