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How to Apply:
If you are interested in any of the positions below please apply/inquire by sending us an email. Put the job title in the subject line, tell us a bit about yourself and why you are interested in the job, then attach your resume and send it off to No positions are currently available for remote work. Relocation to the Twin Cities, Minnesota is needed. We will generally review all applications within 1-2 weeks. If you appear to be a good fit for the job and company we will reach out for a phone or an in-person interview.


Shipping Manager | Pay: $45-65,000 Salary Depending on Experience

This position oversees the shipping team, order deadlines, coordinate orders with production, implements LEAN methodology, focuses on quality assurance, sets weekly goals for the team and holds accountability, develop systems, and improves our overall sustainability as a company. This position will also help with the social media, newsletters, customer emails, and order processing. 
The shipping manager needs to be detail oriented and a big picture thinker. We need problem solvers on the team. 1-5 years minimum shipping management experience required. The Shipping Manager will work directly with the Customer Service Manager, Product Manager, and Production Manager as a four person management team. 

Production Specialist | Pay: $17-21 per hour (full time)

A true Jack of All Trades the Production Specialist position has a hand in every manufacturing process here at Escape. Once fully trained, a Production Specialist will have the skills to make climbing holds, volumes, and training tools starting raw materials and ending with polished gems. This role incorporates molding (wood, fiberglass, and silicone), plastic production (polyurethane), post-production (belt sanders, drill presses, die grinders),  and wood products (epoxies, paint, branding irons). Climbers' interests ebb and flow seasonally so we need great people ready to jump in and crank out volumes when wood is hot or sink their teeth into molding so that we can launch a new hold line (or three). Prior plastic or molding knowledge is not required but basic workshop or power tool experience is needed.  
making climbing holds



climbing holds manufacturing



Internships | UNPAID-$15 per hour depending on the scope

We will consider college internships in the areas of engineering, graphic design, marketing, videography, accounting, and general business. 

climbing hold manufacturing