IFSC Speed Climbing Hold

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  • IFSC speed climbing holds for training
  • Produced to exact official speed hold specifications
  • Ships in red (email for special color requests)
  • Handhold and foothold sold separately

Bolts 1.5" Socket Head Bolt 2.0" Socket Head Bolt 2.5" Socket Head Bolt 3.0" Socket Head Bolt 3.5" Socket Head Bolt 4.0" Socket Head Bolt 4.5" Socket Head Bolt 5.0" Socket Head Bolt 5.5" Socket Head Bolt 6.0" Socket Head Bolt 6.5" Socket Head Bolt 7.0" Socket Head Bolt 7.5" Socket Head Bolt 8.0" Socket Head Bolt 8.5" Socket Head Bolt 10" Socket Head Bolt 9.0" Socket Head Bolt 11" Socket Head Bolt 12" Socket Head Bolt 1.5" Flat Head Bolt 2.0" Flat Head Bolt 2.5" Screw 2.0" Screw

Speed climbing is a major part of climbing competitions and high-quality speed holds are an essential ingredient. We take the production of speed climbing holds seriously to make sure every hold is consistent and produced with minimum variability. High-quality speed holds are essential for training and competition climbing since milliseconds are on the line. Our speed holds are manufactured to specification and are the same as the holds you will find in competitions around the world.

A Full 15.5 meter Speed Wall need 20 hand holds / 11 foot holds-

Full 10.5 meter Speed Wall need 12 hand holds / 8 foot holds. 

We do not produce “certified” holds for world record attempts. See current certifications needed for official world record attempts on the IFSC website. There are currently less than a dozen certified walls in the world for IFSC world record attempts. Unless the wall and timing systems are IFSC certified the holds do not need to be either. The IFSC intentionally permits the manufacturing of unofficial holds for the purpose of growing speed climbing participation.


All holds should be attached with socket head bolts and all available set screws.