Your Order - Legacy Ascension

Production Lead Time


Aragon Elastomers: Between 45and 60 days for typical gym orders. If your order is considered to be large, it can take up to 90 days. 

Tack Composite : Between 60-90 days for typical gym order. If your order is considered to be large, it can take up to 100 days. 

Composite-X :  From 45 to 60 days depending on size of order and their scheduled queue. 


Wholesale Pricing and Net 30 Orders


As described in our bulk orders section, all gyms are approved for our wholesale pricing and net 30 check out upon completion of our application here. Upon the receipt of your purchase order we may ask some verification questions and request additional documents. 


Shipping and Handling


Where is my order shipped from and how am I being charged? Our products are dropped ship from various locations. We have established a flat table rate that applies to all orders we manufacture, for the lower 48. If you are outside the lower 48 a shipping quote must be received and accepted before your order will be processed. Orders that are considered freight will have a shipping deposit applied to them, the remainder will be on a separate invoice. 

Tracking your order - Upon submission of your order you will receive notifications displaying what you ordered and the status. When your order ships you will receive a tracking # and any other important information regarding your order. If you have any questions about your shipment please contact us


Return Policy


We offer a 5 year guarantee against breaking. Normal wear and tear is not a valid reason for a return. We also do not accept returns for holds that have been placed on your climbing wall. If you have an issue with your order upon acceptance please leave it in its original packaging so it can easily be shipped and restocked by our fulfillment house. We do not return orders that have been received for more than 14 days. 


Hold Technology


Material and Design: Our products are produced with high grade polyurethane. (some are also made with fiberglass as a hollowback). Our designs are sculpted by experienced industry professionals. 

Safety: All of our climbing holds are designed with a single 3/8 bolt stem and some come with a single or more set screw placements, designed to fit a #8 screw. All set screw locations include an embedded steel washer. Our volumes are designed with several #8 screw placements. We recommend using all attachment points for safe use and proper installation. Some of our products are heavy and its important to consider safety when attached, carrying, or removing the products from your wall. Legacy is not responsible for any accidents due to the misuse of our products. Also, there might be holds that are shipped accidentally without steel washers, but are still safe to use as long as a screw hole is used. We will not refund holds that are missing screw washers.

Product Liability Insurance: We carry product liability insurance. If your facility needs our certificate please ask us at