Small Mirror Volume


  • Hold Type: Volume
  • Texture: Gritty
  • Difficulty: Beginner-Expert
  • # of holds in set: 2 (sold individually)
  • # of t-nuts: 5
  • (Small Mirror Volumes are sold individually.)
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  • Description


    What’s better than one volume? That’s right. Mirrored volumes!

    The Small Mirror Volumes were specifically designed with aesthetics, ergonomics, and functionality in mind. These volumes add a touch of flair and versatility to any wall, while maintaining a low profile that doesn’t gobble up your wall’s entire usable surface.

    The Small Mirror Volumes feature a flat ledge side with no t-nuts in it that make for an incredibly fun hold. Slap it’s twin on the wall beside it and you’ve got a winning recipe for fun, engaging, and aesthetic movement.

    As with all Escape volumes, the Small Mirror Volumes feature a gritty texture similar to that of our plastic holds. This texture is tough enough to withstand the constant abuse of a commercial climbing gym, while remaining gentle enough to not leave holes in your skin.

    Also, because we want your volume to lasts for years to come, each Escape volume comes equipped with our specially designed Volume Inserts which are guaranteed to protect your volume’s screw holes no matter what. (EC80501)