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The Lonestar™

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  • No T-nut? No problem. Install holds anywhere with just screws
  • Converts bolt holes into screw holes
  • Intended for professional routesetters use only
  • NOTE that not all bolt-on holds can be converted to screw-on holds

Bolts 1.5" Socket Head Bolt 2.0" Socket Head Bolt 2.5" Socket Head Bolt 3.0" Socket Head Bolt 3.5" Socket Head Bolt 4.0" Socket Head Bolt 4.5" Socket Head Bolt 5.0" Socket Head Bolt 5.5" Socket Head Bolt 6.0" Socket Head Bolt 6.5" Socket Head Bolt 7.0" Socket Head Bolt 7.5" Socket Head Bolt 8.0" Socket Head Bolt 8.5" Socket Head Bolt 10" Socket Head Bolt 9.0" Socket Head Bolt 11" Socket Head Bolt 12" Socket Head Bolt 1.5" Flat Head Bolt 2.0" Flat Head Bolt 2.5" Screw 2.0" Screw

Setting perfect movement is no longer limited by T-nut placement. The Lonestar™ used in conjunction with the countersink bit, and some structural screws will allow you to set various holds, anywhere, quickly and easily.

Keep in mind it is NEVER adequate to use only one screw and a lonestar to attach a handhold.  Any screw-on handhold will need a minimum of 3 screw attachment points. Furthermore not all holds can be safely converted to screw-on holds and some holds will need more than 3 attachment points to safely install.

Many Escape climbing holds can be safely modified if done properly, and some are designed to accommodate additional set-screw holes. However, this should ONLY be done by professional routsetters that understand how to safely convert bolt-on holds into screw-on holds. Improper alterations can also be very dangerous, causing a hold to crack and/or break.

Modifying climbing holds or adding additional set-screw holes may void your manufacture warranty (Escape's or otherwise). Follow manufacturers recommendations whenever adding set-screw holes. 

Lonestar Installation and Safety PDF