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Climbing Hold Supplies

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  • Great Range of Shaping Foam Sizes
  • Rigid High-Density (4lb) Foam = Fine Textures
  • Optional Shaping Tool Kit Great For Beginner Shapers
  • Optional Silicone Kit For Mold-Making

Bolts 1.5" Socket Head Bolt 2.0" Socket Head Bolt 2.5" Socket Head Bolt 3.0" Socket Head Bolt 3.5" Socket Head Bolt 4.0" Socket Head Bolt 4.5" Socket Head Bolt 5.0" Socket Head Bolt 5.5" Socket Head Bolt 6.0" Socket Head Bolt 6.5" Socket Head Bolt 7.0" Socket Head Bolt 7.5" Socket Head Bolt 8.0" Socket Head Bolt 8.5" Socket Head Bolt 10" Socket Head Bolt 9.0" Socket Head Bolt 11" Socket Head Bolt 12" Socket Head Bolt 1.5" Flat Head Bolt 2.0" Flat Head Bolt 2.5" Screw 2.0" Screw



Over the years we often get setters and shapers asking what foam we use. We want to make it easier for setters and new shapers to have the professional shaping tools they need to get started and enter the game. We are happy to help people navigate their start into shaping and we offer our foam in a range of sizes, as well as a starter Shaping Tool Kit and Silicone Kit as a way to enable this. The Shaping Tool Kit includes all the basics (minus your preferred PPE of choice) you need to get that shaping journey started! And as always, if you need any specific size or types of foam not listed here, or individual shaping tools, feel free to reach out and email orders@escapeclimbing.com with your request.

Shaping Foam Sizes:

    • 5" x 5" x 8"
    • 5.5" x 8" x 10"
    • 5.5" x 11.75" x 12"
    • 8" x 11" x 17"
    • 14" x 15" x 17"



Items included in Shaping Kit:

    • 8″ x 11″ x 15″ block of high density foam
    • 6” Roughcut Saw (roughing out shapes step 1)
    • 6" Plane (roughing out shapes step 2)
    • Medium Grit Sanding Sponge
    • R1 Shaping Tool (recommended tool for detail work)
    • Escape Climbing Countersink Bit (to create set screw holes)
    • M10 Drill Bit (creating bolt hole)
    • Straight Shank Counterbore (to recess bolt head in bolt hole)
    • M10 metric bolt (test bolt hole and depth)



Items included in Silicone Kit:

  • 55 lbs of Silicone formulated for making climbing hold molds
  • Catalyst needed for activation/hardening