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Belay Glasses

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  • Engineered Belay Glasses made from Polycarbonate & Super High Quality Optical 60 degree Prisms
  • Soft Rubber finish on frames to keep them comfortable all day long
  • Contain Glasses, Hard Case, Soft Case, Safety Strap & Cleaning Cloth

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At Escape Climbing, we understand that every piece of gear you have matters. That's why we've crafted our belay glasses with one goal in mind - to empower you to reach new heights with confidence, comfort, and unwavering strength.

How To Use The Belay Glasses:

1. Place the belay glasses on your head before you start belaying.

2. When the climber starts up the route, you can see them by looking above the prisms of the belay glasses.

3. As the climber gets higher you can look through the prisms instead of straining your neck looking up.

4. Have a more comfortable belay, in a more natural position, all day long!

Key Features:

Engineered Belay Glasses for Your Comfort and Strength: As the hero of your climbing journey, you deserve the best. Our belay glasses offer a crystal-clear view of your belayer without the neck strain, allowing you to climb with ease and focus.

Soft Rubber Finish for Your All-Day Comfort: We know that your comfort matters, especially during those epic climbs that test your limits. Our belay glasses feature a soft rubber finish on the frames, so you can wear them all day long without discomfort.

A Complete Set to Support Your Quest: We provide everything you need to thrive. Our set includes:

-Belay Glasses: Your trusted sidekick for clear communication with your belayer.
-Hard Case: The protective armor for your glasses, ensuring they're always ready for action.
-Soft Case: Easy, on-the-go protection to accompany you on your adventures.
-Safety Strap: Your trusty lifeline to prevent accidental drops.
-Cleaning Cloth: To maintain your clarity, so nothing stands in your way.